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No matter what industry you’re in, our platform will fit your needs. With 1-on-1 training and easy setup, you’ll be running a more efficient business in no time.

Online Booking

Consumer habits evolved. Current data indicates 52% of consumers prefer booking services online. Without online booking, you're losing buisness to competitors.

Increase Revenue

Service Bull users are experiencing a 23% increase in revenue as a result of online booking in the 90 days.

Book Jobs In Your Sleep

Latest consumer data indicates that customers are now booking service online in the evening time after business hours.

Easy Set Up

Online booking set up is easy, just upload an image, write a description, set a price and repeat for each service.

Online Booking

Times have changed! People now prefer to book service online rather than over the phone. Without online booking your potentially losing jobs.

  • Your Website
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Craigslist
  • Yelp and more
Notifications mobile and pie chart

Provide A Great Experience Your Customers Won't forget.

Notifications will save your organization valuable time, reduce no show, and help you get paid faster, while provide an experience your customers won't forget.

  • Save Valuable Time.
  • Better Customer Experience.
  • Notification Are Customizable.

Seal The Deal Quicker With Service Bull Estimates

With Service Bull, you can quick create and deliver professional looking, branded estimates from the office or out in the field.

  • Win More Jobs With Legible Estimates.
  • Product & Present Estimates Quickly.
  • Email Estimates With Just One Click.
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Get Started Today, And Save 10+ Hours A Week!

A better experience for your customers, fewer headaches for your team, and you’ll be set up in minutes.

No Contracts, No Hassles

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Schedule & Dispatch

What Used To Take Hours, Now Takes A Few Minutes!

You can schedule, dispatch, and notify both the customer and the team member assigned to the job with just a few clicks.

  • Drop And Drag Calendar.
  • Schedule Recurring Jobs with a few clicks.
  • Automated Customer Appt Reminders.
Google Integration
Payments & Invoices

Get Paid 5X Faster With Flexible Payment Options.

Take the hassle out of invoicing by automating the entire process. Send an invoice, collect a payment, send the receipt, and sync into QuickBooks with one click.

  • Accept Credit Card Payments.
  • Customers Can Pay By Phone, Text, Web.
  • Quickbooks Integration.
Google Integration
Time Tracking

Tracks Your Employee’s Time, Mileage, And Location.

Track important time-related events, for example, time spent on a job, total miles driven, and when and where your employees clocked in and clocked out.

  • Speed Up Payroll
  • Monitor Your Field Techs
Google Integration
Data & Reports

Gain Insight On How Your Biz Is Performing In Real-Time

Access customer information and reports anytime from anywhere using a computer, tablet or mobile device.

Google Integration
Customer Mgmt.

Manage & Store Your Customer's Infomation Effortlessly.

Imagine all your customer files automatically organized and easily accessible — estimates, jobs, invoices, payments, notes, attachments, and more all stored under the customer account.

  • Eliminate Double Entering Of Data.
  • No More Need for Filing Cabinets.
  • No Lost Or Misplaced Documents.
  • Access Customer Information Quicly.

Customers (CRM)

When it comes to building & managing a business, your customer data is
a crucial part. We make managaing and storing you customers date safe and effortlesss.

Stay Organized

Jobs, Invoices, notes, payments, attachments, plus more, are stored neatly under each customer profile.

Paperless Storage

Go paperless and save valuable time and keep your valuable data protecting from natural disasters.

Access Anywhere

Access important customer information quickly from the office or out in the field from any device.

Customer Notifications

Keeping customers in the loop thru-out the job cycle is good for business. Notifications save time and contribute to better reviews more referrals, and an increase in customer retention.


SMS & Email Notifications are sent when an appointment is scheduled or rescheduled. (Option to disable for certain clients)

Apt Reminders

Appointment reminders are great at reducing no-shows. Notifications are sent 24 hrs before all appointment so the doors open when you arrive. (Option to disable for certain clients)

On Our Way

Provide your customers with an ETA. GPS uses your current location and the customer address on file. Great at reducing time-consuming phone calls.

Estimates & Invoices

Create professional looking estimates & invoices quickly
from in the office or out in the field with Service Bull.

One Click

Send branded estimates and invoice with just one click, and save valuable time.

Wow Your Customers

Win more job by impressing your customer with professinal looking estimates and invoice.

Quickbooks Sync

Sync Invoices to QuickBooks with a single click. No more double entering data!

Start Working Smarter Not Harder

A Better Experince For Your Customer, Fewer Headaches
For Your Team, You’ll Be Set Up In Minutes!

Have Question? Call Us Directly at 805-419-9555

Schedule & Dispatch

Service Bull takes the hassle out of scheduling, what use to take hours now only takes a few minutes.

Drop And Drag

Our Color coordinated, drag and drop features allow you to see an overview of your upcoming jobs and who’s assigned to them with ease.

Recurring Jobs

The challenge of scheduling an recurring job has gotten a lot easier. Schedule a recurring job with just a few clicks.

Sync With Google

Service-Bull easily syncs with your existing Google Calendar account so that no appointments are lost.

Flexible Payments

Take Credit Card payments on the spot, over the phone or provide
your customers with the convenience of paying online.

Get Paid Faster

Improve your cash flow with online payments, and get paid faster, no more waiting around for checks to arrive.

Payment Reminders

If a customer forgets to pay their bill, then a automated payment reminder is sent.

Increase Sales

Customers that pay by credit card spend an average of 17% more.

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